The truth about 'healthy' green juice recipes

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We went on a mission to find a green juice that still tasted sweet and know, like juice. We discovered the truth about store bought green juice and just how healthy they are.

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We tried and tested a load of green juice for the diet conscious lady on the go - basically those of us without the time or energy to blend our own - and it turns out there are not a lot of options that are actually healthy.

The mission was to find a juice with a flavour that didn't remind us of soup or walking into a greenhouse tongue first.

Okay, so we don't garden very much but you get the idea...

Turns out, this mission is harder than you'd think.

What ingredients are making the juice green?

When it comes to juice, you have to accept that "just because it's green, doesn't mean it's healthy".

We spoke to Dr Sally Norton, Weight Loss Surgeon & Expert and Founder of, and she explained that as much as you may not like the idea of drinking vegetables, that is what makes these drinks healthy.

A lot of store-bought drinks will be mostly green fruits like kiwi, lime and apple - none of which have the superfood properties of kale or spirulina.

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Sugar content

Sally explains, "Green juices can be chock full of sugar and preservatives.

Look out for the sugar content - and remember there are 20 different ways of listing sugar.

Add up the grams and divide by 4 to find out the teaspoons of sugar they contain.

Anything more than 1 or 2, you may want to give it a miss, as the World Health Organisation advises limiting sugar to 6 teaspoons a day if possible."

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Millie Mackintosh makes her own, try her recipe

What can you get on the high street?

One of the juices we tested contained as much as 58g of sugar in the whole bottle while the best one, from itsu still has 14.5g.

The Purify 7 Veg from the Japanese food chain was certainly the best in terms of actual ingredients, however with avocado, broccoli and cucumber, the taste is rather earthy.

"Ideally, for a super-green juice with contents you can trust, make it yourself, using predominantly veg with a touch of fruit to sweeten if needed.

Blend where possible, as you get to keep more of the fibre, which helps you feel full, keeps your guts healthy and counteracts some of the harmful effects of sugar anyway," Sally added.

Celebrities and their green juice addictions

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