A lazy girl's guide to eating healthy this year

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Bye bye fads diets, this year's healthy eating trends are going to be all about real food and lots of it.

Balanced Diet

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Step away from the juicer (so 2012) and throw your copy of the 5:2 Diet in the bin. It's time to discoer how to eat healthy 2014-style.

"2014 is going to be the year that people start to change their relationship with food and focus on what they are eating and the effect it is having on their health," says Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, food and health expert and author of Eat Yourself Young.

"Looking at labels, buying and cooking fresh food instead of ready-meals, taking control of our eating habits and educating ourselves about good food will also be more important to most of us than trying the latest fad diets," she adds.

Here Elizabeth explains the simple steps we should all be taking to get healthy this year.

6 easy ways to eat healthier...

Honestly Healthy Recipe: Layered Vegetable Bake

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1. Know what you're putting into your body

2014 is about making sense of confusing information regarding diet, food and labels, explains Elizabeth.

"It's about learning to create dishes that are less complicated, addictive, fatty and compulsive. It's about finding an everyday diet that you can follow for most of the time without getting into a binge/deprivation cycle."


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2. Ditch the sugar

Elizabeth says that the trend for cutting sugar is only going to get bigger as we begin fully to understand its detrimental effect on our health and weight.

"Sugar is complicated and made more so by scientists who have created synthesised sweet yet low calorie tastes, thus fooling us into believing there is no detrimental impact to the body," she says. "We'll all be learning how wrong that viewpoint is."

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3. Indulging is OK

There will be more interest in finding a general healthy eating plan that doesn't make you feel as if you are going back to ground zero whenever you break it, says Elizabeth.

"The new eating regime is about finding principles to follow for life, and building in indulgences that won't ever send you off on a guilt trip."

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4. Prevention is better than cure

This year is also about bringing health awareness to the table, as we'll all start taking control of our health and wellbeing and relying less on doctors, hospitals and medication.

"Instead of treating the symptoms we will be trying to avoid getting ill in the first place with a balanced and nutrient-rich diet."

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5. Good health is for everyone

"Consumers are starting to realise that the tools to good health and optimum weight are in their kitchens and on their plates," explains Elizabeth.

"Make good food a gift you give yourself every day because you want power, concentration, good self-esteem and a passion for life rather than exhaustion, illness, lack of focus and depression."


6. Spice it up

"Herbs and spices will make a comeback, having been downgraded over the years to a garnish or flavouring," predicts Elizabeth.

"As we come to understand the benefits of ginger, cinnamon, fennel, turmeric, basil, mint and parsley, we can learn to use the kitchen as a pharmacy to good health and a healthy weight."

Eat Yourself Young (Quadrille, £12.99) is available from good bookshops or online from epjhealth.com



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