All of Victoria Beckham's diet and workout secrets

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Here's every tiny piece of information we have about what Victoria Beckham does to stay in shape.

Victoria Beckham pictured in New York after NYFW shows

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Want to know the secrets behind Victoria Beckham's mysterious diet and workouts? Then step this way.

We've rounded up everything we know about her fitness regime.

Victoria Beckham loves acai berries

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Victoria Beckham joins a long list of celebs, including Miranda Kerr and Oprah, who swear by acai berries.

The superfood is higher in antioxidents than most berries like blueberries and strawberries, making it a celebrity favourite for weight-loss diets.

Victoria Beckham's workout secrets

She loves to go running

Being a top fashion designer doesn't mean lounging around in bed all day eating bonbons - VB runs four miles, six days a week and has confessed she is 'obsessed' with jogging.

Victoria Beckham arrives at Vogue dinner during London Fashion Week

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Victoria Beckham works out in the morning

So when does she do all this running? At 6am of course.

The Spice Girl wakes early to fit in her daily workout, which not only sets her up for the day, but scientists have proven working out in the morning keeps your appetite in check all day long.

Victoria Beckham shows RTW Spring/Summer 2014 collection at NYFW - white shirt - three quarter trousers -

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Victoria Beckham loves frozen grapes

When she's feeling peckish in the summer, VB turns to frozen grapes for a treat, claiming they have a similar taste to ice cream.


Victoria Beckham loves the Tracy Anderson workout

VB is one of many celeb fans of Anderson's unique dance cardio routine, alongside the likes of Cheryl Cole, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.

In the run up to summer, Beckham reportedly does an hour of the workout six days a week to get her beach ready.

Tracy Anderson models new range of leggings

Tracy Anderson has worked on some of the best celeb bodies around

Victoria Beckham loves the alkaline diet

Like Millie Mackintosh and Kelly Brook, VB is a big fan of the alkaline diet and sings the praises of the Honestly Healthy cookbook on Twitter.

victoria beckham alkaline cookbook

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The Honestly Healthy cookbook

Victoria Beckham goes to bums and tums classes

David and Victoria were spotted attending their local gym in London where the fashion designer attended a bums and tums fitness class...much to the shock of her fellow gym goers.

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