Who's ready for the latest extreme LA diet, The Whole30?

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LA is basically the home of the most healthy, extreme diets going and The Whole30 is the big craze of the moment. Are you ready to cut a LOT of things out for 30 days?

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We caught up with some LA girls over the pond and were told in no uncertain terms, the diet that everyone is using to stay healthy and lose weight is The Whole30.

Now, we've looked into it and it's not one for the faint hearted.

Although it is outlined as a 30 day challenge, it is also touted as the start of a complete lifestyle change. Are you ready?

What you must cut out completely

  • All sugar, both natural and artificial

  • All alcohol, even in cooking

  • Grains, including the almighty quinoa

  • Legumes

  • Dairy

  • White potatoes

  • Carrageenan, MSG, sulfites - basically, ANY junk food

With all of these things there are no loop holes as with many other diets.

You can't take sweeteners or natural alternatives like agave nectar. You also can't have any tofu or soy, so all those 'healthy' japanese meals are out.

The idea is simply to have only good quality, natural foods.

It's time to stop angering the 'Paleo Police' - those who omit foods from their diet based solely on the logic, 'Paleolithic man didn't consume it.'

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The surprises

  • Butter isn't allowed but 'ghee' is - This is clarified butter, which can be produced by melting butter and removing the top layer of milk proteins that form on the top when it solidifies again

  • Vinegar and olive oil is allowed, as long as it's unsweetened - so those salads won't be totally boring

  • You're allowed a smidge of fruit juice as long as it's used as a natural sweetener

Cut out bad diet habits

As well as not relying on processed diet foods, you are also told not to give in to obsessive behaviours.

So, no scales or measuring tapes for the full 30 days and turn off those calorie counting apps.

Are you ready to try the Whole30?
Good Lord no! Where's the joy?18.08%
I'll give it a try but it looks even harder than dry January!11.30%
Yes, it's a diet about being healthy not losing weight. Love it.70.62%

See full details about the diet plan and further information at whole30.com



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