Easy strength training gym exercise routine in time for London Fashion Week

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London Fashion Week is nearly here (squeal!) so if you want to get catwalk fit, try these easy moves to push your gym workout...

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If you want to be strong, slim and sexy then you need a strength training workout that targets your arms, thighs, bum and stomach.

With London Fashion Week just around the corner, now's a great opportunity to push your gym routine before the beautiful people descend on the capital. That A/W14 bodycon dress won't look so horrifying after a few weeks of these moves...

Try a barbell deadlift for toned arms and thighs

Stand with your mid-foot under a weighted barbell with your shins about an inch away, bend over and grasp the bar - your hands should be just outside thigh-width.

Drop your shins forward to touch the bar (do not move the bar) - your shoulders should be slightly in front. Keep your chest up and pull the barbell off the floor. Return to the start position. You should keep the barbell against your legs through the move.

Barbell roll exercises will work your abs

Load a barbell with 2.5kg round plates and kneel on a mat with your shoulders directly over the bar. Roll the bar out in front of you, keeping your arms straight as your hips, torso and arms travel forward. Only go as far as can without arching your back. Return to the start position by pulling the bar back towards you.

Learn how to do chin ups for women

Every woman who's fit and healthy should be able to do at least six of these. Take a look at the video below if you need some advice...

Chair dips will tone your arms and banish bingo wings

Sit with your back against a bench or chair. Place your hands either side of the bench and rise up so your bum is level with the seat. Gently lower yourself until you almost touch the floor, then return to the start position by pushing your body up with your arms.

Press ups and planks will tone your core muscles

From the basic plank position, keep your glutes and abdominals tight and aligned. Lower your whole body to the floor in a controlled movement - do not just let your hips/chest move toward the floor - think of moving as one whole unit. Return to the start position.

Split squat exercises will work your thighs and bum muscles

With a weight in each hand, take a step forward into a staggered stance. In a controlled manner squat down by dropping the back knee down to the floor, allowing the front leg knee and hip to bend. Return to the start position and repeat eight times.

Fitness First's Dave Petersen recommends combining these exercises with a cardio workout three times a week. Make sure you eat a balanced diet which is high in protein and full of fresh fruit and vegetables too.

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