Top 10 ways to get a flat stomach and toned abs

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Who needs the gym she when you can get awesome abs with these toned tummy tips

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Follow these 10 easy tips to achieve the perfect abs. Anyone can do it...

Get awesome abs by eating slowly

If you gobble your food down without pausing for breath you can end up swallowing air which leads to bloating. Taking time to chew food breaks it down properly, releases all the vitamins and minerals and produces saliva, making it easier to digest. And that's not all. Research indicates that people who eat slowly get more satisfaction from their food and simply eat less.

Rule out allergies for the perfect stomach

Can't shift the belly bulge no matter what you do? Food intolerances and allergies could be responsible. If you think you may have a problem make a quick visit to the doctor or nutritionalist for proper and thorough tests. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to self-diagnose. Many people get it wrong.

Keep regular for a toned tummy

Fibre, fluids and gentle exercise will keep things moving and help to avoid constipation, one of the big and nasty jelly belly culprits. Fibre can be found in fruit, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, porridge and beans, so get chomping.

Warm up your water

Drinking warm water actually helps to relax muscles and soothe digestion, leading to a flatter stomach. If plain old water sounds too boring why not add a squeeze of lemon or sip on a fruit tea? For a small change to your drinking habits, you'll notice a big difference to your paunch.

Ban salty food if you want a flat stomach

Salt attracts fluid and excess fluid causes the dreaded belly bloat. Replace salt with other seasonings like pepper, herbs, lemon and balsamic vinegar and avoid processed foods like crisps, pizza, burgers and ready-meals, all of which contain high levels of sodium.

Stress will make your stomach bigger

when we are stressed, our bodies release more of the hormone cortisol, which prepares out muscles for a 'fight or flight' response. If we don't actually use this excess hormone by running away or fighting (and how many of us do?!) the cortisol turns to fat with stomach swelling effects.

Exercise is an excellent tummy bulge buster

Swimming, running, cycling and aerobics will all work wonders for your waist and will help to reduce your overall body fat. When you lose total body fat, your body is more than likely to reduce stomach fat. It's true that people lose weight differently but all the evidence points to more being lost in the abdominal region.

Ban fizzy drinks, gum and straws

Straws!? Who knew? Swallowed air is the number one cause of intestinal gas and fizzy drinks, chewing gum and straws all encourage us to gulp down air and bloat us up.

Eat more often but eat less

When it comes to eating make your mantra 'little and often'. Five or six smaller meals a day will curb your appetite, control blood sugar levels, stop you bingeing and help to avoid that nasty bloated feeling that comes after eating big.

Strengthen those abs

It's a fact that stronger muscles make your stomach appear flatter. Pilates, cruches, leg-raises, sit-ups, the 'plank' and exercise ball workouts all build-up muscles and help to improve posture and fight the flab. However, bear in mind that doing ab exercises all day won't get rid of your spare tyre. For that, see points one to nine above!



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