7 ways to boost your mood & stay positive

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Women are unhappier than men. Let's put on some rose tinted glasses shall we ladies...

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A new study has revealed that men are more positive than women and experience higher levels of happiness.

Research carried out by Benenden Health looked at 12 different aspects of modern life and found that men are generally more chipper about most things including appearance, how people see them and finances.

This made us sad. So here's 7 ways to boost your mood today…

1. Think of positivity as a choice
Don't blame your negativity on everything else – work, relationships, the weather – instead see it as a choice you have. Choose to make the best out of even a bad situation. Reassess how you think about things.

2. Ditch the negative people
Other people's negativity affects our own moods. If you're surrounded by moaners and pessimists, avoid them and hunt out some happy people that won't drag you down.

3. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else
Yes, you might not look like Miranda Kerr, your friend may have better thighs and a better job – but who cares? It creates unnecessary stress and anxiety. Just focus on yourself and let everyone else do their thing. Life is not a competition.

4. Spread positivity
Being more positive at work or with your friends will in turn boost their mood (see point two) - this will in turn come back around making your office a nicer place to work, or make your friend feel better when they are down.

You could even do something selfless and kind for someone else. It will make you feel lovely.

5. Flip it
Instead of looking at what you don't have – look at what you want. For example, instead of thinking that you don't have any money – think about the financial situation you do want and how to get it.

Instead of thinking you hate your stomach, think about what you would like your tummy to look like by the summer (be realistic!) and find some fitness classes to help you achieve that.

You might not be able to solve problems overnight but at least you can take control and be proactive.

4. Put it in perspective
How bad is it really? It's only your emails, it's only your ironing, it's only your unruly hair – don't blow things irrationally out of proportion.

5. Look at all the good things
Yes your flat needs cleaning and you forgot to pick up your dry cleaning – but you still have your health, a great family, and a kick ass sense of style.

6. Book something to look forward to
If you are really down, plan a fun activity to look forward to – a manicure, an hour in your favourite café, or even go nuts and book a holiday. Do it.

7. Try a spot of meditation
Fortunately we have a lovely little guide to get you started with basic meditation. Read it here...



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