Can you pinch more than an inch? 6 exercises to target love handles

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Be gone love handles & muffin top!

pinching body fat
Ditch that pesky spare tyre and get the beach bod you've always wanted with this love handle battle plan.

But before embarking on a stomach crunch marathon be aware of the facts - unfortunately there is no way to target weight loss. We know, gutted.

Fat stores will be used up through cardiovascular exercise and by following a healthy diet.

Avoid sugars, salts and unhealthy fats, and incorporate more fresh fruits, vegetables,and lean clean proteins into your diet instead.

Make this your priority and then supplement that with these love handle blasting moves to sculpt the muscles and define your newly trim torso.

1. Cardio
Your first weapon against any form of belly fat. Try doing 20-40 minutes of cardio 4-5 times a week – like brisk walking, running, cycling or swimming.

Mix this in with calisthenics like lunges, squats, dips and push-ups twice a week and you'll be on your way to success.

2. The mega crunch

Lie on your back with you feet straight up in the air. Cross your arms over your chest and then crunch like your life depended on it! You are aiming to bring your elbows up towards your knees. Remember to focus your attention on your stomach muscles doing the work and minimise the strain on your back or neck.

sit up exercise

Feel the burn!

3. The sideways shifter

Lie on the floor with your left arm out straight on the floor. Lay your knees down to the side on top of each other, also pointing left. Supporting your head with your right hand, lift your shoulders off the ground towards your hip. Feel the crunch in your side.

Do as many reps as you can and then switch it over and do the other side.

3. The walking plank

Ramp up your plank. Start in a normal plank position, then where your right elbow is resting on the floor, move your right hand there and push up. Do the same with your let arm – so now you supporting your body up on your arms. Lower your arms back down the way they came, returning to the plank position.

Do it again alternating leading arms. Remember to focus on keeping your core and hips stable. Your arms should be moving, you body should keep in a line.

4. Backwards bum crunch

Start in a standard crunch position on the floor, but this time leave your head and shoulders firmly on the ground and instead raise your knees and bum off the ground, bringing them up towards your chest.

Keep the movement slow and controlled, focusing on your ab muscles.

5. The ball twist

In a seated position on the floor, sit with your knees bent in front of your chest. Now lean back slightly lifting your feet off the floor, but keeping your back straight. Your body should be in a V shape with your bum being the only bit touching the floor.

Holding a ball (or any object really!) twist your waist from side to side nearly touching the ball to the floor. Begin to build up the pace. Keep your back and legs in position – all the movement should come from your waist.

6. Running man plank

Another variation on a plank. Get into position and then bring your left knee up towards your right elbow and put it back in position. Then bring your right knee up towards your left elbow. Keep your abs tight and control the movement.



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