5 ways your friends are ruining your weight loss diet and detox plans

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If you're trying to lose weight your friends can either be a supportive blessing or a calorific curse.

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Spending time with friends is brilliant, but if you're on a diet going out for coffee and cake isn't such a good idea.

Here are 5 ways your friends might be encouraging you to quit the diet plan...

Cocktails are full of calories

So, you're in a bar carefully sticking to vodka, lime and soda (the lowest calorie alcoholic drink), when you're presented with a giant chocolatey, fruit juice cocktail. Tell your mates you're avoiding the extra calories and don't be afraid to let them know (a guesstimate between 300-500 kcals won't be far off) just how much junk they're consuming.

Dinner parties encourage you to eat fatty foods

You can't control what someone cooks at a dinner party, but you can be savvy about how much you eat. If it's a self-serve situation, fill your plate with veggies and protein. If the starter is a salad, eat it all and cut back on the main - then, when your friend asks if you enjoyed the meal you can say 'I filled myself up from your delicious salad starter'.

Your friends encourage you to have pudding

They might want you to split a pudding, or they want you to buy one because they have. Remember, it's totally up to you what you eat, take control and say NO. You don't even have to say you're on a diet (which will almost always be met with an eye roll) just say you're full from the other courses.

Driving instead of walking won't help you lose weight

We've all got that one friend who wants to drive the five minute journey to the pub. Usually, they're slim as a rake which is even more annoying. Next time you see them suggest you meet at the shops instead. There will be plenty of walking involved and it's unlikely they will jump in the car to go from Topshop to Zara.

Your friends don't take your diet seriously

This is the worst kind of friend because they don't appreciate or understand your diet goals. If need be, explain what plan you're on, how long you want it to take, what you're losing weight for and how much you've lost so far.

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