The most exciting group exercise classes coming to a gym near you

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What's hot for 2014? We're looking across the pond to find out...

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We love trying the latest thing - from a hot new restaurant to the latest miracle serum - and exercise is no different. That's why we've sweated through Bikram yoga classes, shaken our boom-boom at Zumba and tapped into our inner Darcy Bussell at barre/core classes. We love feeling cool while we're getting hot (and sweaty).

So what's going to be big for 2014? Will nan-style water aerobics be setting the fitness world on fire? (Erm, no, sorry, false alarm.) For actual answers, we looked to this year's fitness trend report from US health association, Idea. They're based in America, which means anything big there now is going to be huge here in six months time. Here are the fitness trends to look out for.

1. Body weight leverage training

Who needs sophisticated gym equipment? The most popular classes will be ones where you use your own body weight to build muscle and improve your core strength. Examples include performing push-ups and pull-ups, using resistance bands, and performing exercises like the plank. Think back to the circuits you used to do in PE. It's a bit like that - but more fun.

Where to do it: Try a TRX class at Niko Physique. Using a rubber strap 'trainer' that you pull against, you can perform exercises that work your whole body as hard as you want.

2. Core conditioning classes

Pilates and yoga are a staple fixture on the gym timetable, as they increase flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness (also, you get to wear your Sweaty Betty yoga pants, which is always awesome). Their popularity is set to continue, with a renewed emphasis on classes that improve muscular and postural strength.

Where to do it: For yoga with a twist, try Yin & Yang Yoga at Slice. It's a balance of powerful Vinyasa yoga (Yang) and the more gentle Yin Yoga.

3. Boot camp classes

Like the idea of a boot camp but hate mud, rain and curious passers-by having a stare? The good news is that it's now possible to get your boot camp style sessions indoors - inside the gym. The bad news is that you'll still have to work out until you cry or vom.

Where to do it: Barry's Bootcamp has come over from America and promises to 'whup your ass into shape, little missy' (or so we imagine).

4. Urban dance

Hey there twinkle toes! Zumba and ballet-style classes have paved the way for a new generation of dance classes - and there really is something for everyone. Word on the street is that urban dance classes such as Bokwa and Street Fit will start to overtake the popular Latin options that currently dominate the market.

Where to do it: Try the Raving Mad class at Frame. It's two hours of euphoric dancing - interspersed with some 'Rave-inspired' toning moves. We're in love.

Will you be giving any of these classes a try?



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