Want to get Rita Ora's abs? 5 reasons why the perfect diet could be the solution

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Before you start killing yourself in the gym, you need to target your diet...

Rita Ora flat stomach and toned abs

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Rita Ora's abs are looking pretty darn awesome in this recent snap, so we're determined to avoid the traps of 'winter hibernation' eating and start working on our tums.

We know that Rita is a fitness fanatic and a pilates convert, which is one reason why her body is in such fantastic physical shape. But what about her diet?

If you want to start your journey towards a sculpted, flat and toned stomach you're going to need to focus on your food. We don't mean religiously counting calories and banning chocolate for good, but a low-fat, high-protein diet with plenty of wholegrains and low salt is crucial.

Once you've shifted the excess fat you can start making the muscles underneath look in-bloody-credible with squats, lunges, crunches, press ups and cardio (like running or swimming).

Have you got what it takes? Take a look at these top diet tips for a flatter stomach now...

Cut out processed sugar: The white stuff is perfectly designed to hook us in. We learn to love it as a child when our parents give us sweet treats and our obsession grows with every bite of birthday cake, every chocolate bar and every tea-time biscuit. In reality, there's nothing to love about refined and highly processed sugar. It makes us gain weight, increases the size of our liver, makes us feel tired and actually ages us from the inside out. Take a look at expert James Duigan's top tips for beating your addiction to sugar here.

Stock up on vitamin C: When you're under stress your body secretes a hormone called cortisol that messes with your insulin production (causing your body to store more belly fat). Vitamin C helps to balance these hormone spikes, support your immune system and remove toxins from your blood. Try bell peppers, spinach, oranges, kiwi fruits and chilli peppers or click here for more options.

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Eat good fats: Cut out all that processed rubbish straight away, but don't banish the good fats - they're essential for healthy hair, skin, nails and your basic cell structure. In summary: Eat more Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. They're in loads of things like fish, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, meat and berries. Here's our rundown of the top ten Omega-rich foods. They will help you feel fuller for longer too, so you're less likely to snack

Cleanse your liver: Your liver is crucial when it comes to clearing your body of dodgy fats, so keeping it clean (by cutting back on junk food, cigarettes and alcohol) is crucial. Your liver is essential for supporting the digestive system and takes on most of the weight management metabolism roles in your body. It also helps to control blood sugar and regulate fat storage.

Fruit and vegetables in a basket

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It chemically breaks down everything in your body; from organic fruits to a greasy takeaway kebab. It will decide what's worth keeping and what's not, but when the liver is clogged and overwhelmed by too much bad food it starts to emergency store the nasty things as fat. You have been warned. Take a look at these 12 foods that can cleanse your liver.

Beat the bloat: The three common causes of bloating are pretty straightforward; overeating, eating rich and fatty foods and eating too fast. Start to tackle your bloating issues head-on by cutting down your potion sizes, upping your fruit and vegetable intake and slowing down. If you try this and you're still feeling like a beach ball, it's time to tackle some of the 'bloat baddies' in the gallery below...

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