5 of the best fitness tracker bands

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With Nike announcing they're not making any new hardware for their tracker bands, we're questioning whether the band is on its way out. We've checked out 5 of the best before they go extinct.

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Uh oh, Nike recently revealed that they're going to make any new hardware for their Nike+ fuel bands which feels like the future of fitness trackers is suddenly in question.

We're really hoping it doesn't buck a trend with other major brands...

With this in mind, here's the lowdown on the best tracker bands on the market.

FitBit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

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The FitBit tracks steps, distance, calories burned and those all essential active minutes.

With LED lights that show progress towards your goal and sleep monitor to wake you with a silent alarm, this tracker band will keep you motivated.

Plus, you can wear it all day and night, even in the shower...if you want to that is.

The Lowdown: Includes tracker, small and large wristbands, £79.99, fitbit.com

Jawbone UP

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The UP wrist band tracks your movement and sleep in the background.

Displaying your data, letting you add things like meals and mood, and delivering insights that keep you moving forward, the app is an all-rounder.

Your sleep, activity, what you're eating is monitored and you can quickly check in with your progress and see what your friends are up to.

The Lowdown: Plenty of apps to complement, Splash-resistant, £99.95, johnlewis.com

Nike+ Fuelband SE

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Earn Nike Fuel, which is a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activity.

Tracks the intensity of your workouts and enables sleep tracking with Nike+ sessions.

Plus it keeps you and your friends motivated through Nike+ groups. Fun.

The Lowdown: has Bluetooth technology, added jazzy Nike+ software, £129, nike.com

The Polar Loop

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This guy is for those of you who want to track their activity 24/7 and get guidance to reach your activity goals.

The activity guide gives you advice on how to stay active all day long, and the activity benefit gives you feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity.

The Lowdown: Waterproof, measures your activity even when swimming (without the all important heart rate), £65.98, amazon.co.uk

FitBug Orb

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According to the website, the Orb uses "an advanced 3-axis accelerometer" which accurately measures your every step and move.

It's so small, it's button-sized, collecting and keeping all the important stuff logged (your steps, hours slept, calories burned etc) for up to 14-days.

You can wear it on your wrist, keep it in your pocket, or...you name it, it'll still record.

The Lowdown: No recharging needed (hoorah), £49.95, Fitbug.com

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