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These fitness pictures will make you never want to miss a workout again.

Sometimes, ie, when it's a Friday and it's sunny, it's all too tempting to skip your gym workout.

A chilled glass of wine in the beer garden vs. treadmill in a sweaty gym. It's a not brainer, right?

Wrong, because thinking like that will not get you a bum like the Jen Selters of the world.

These fitness gurus on Instagram will not only ensure you never miss a workout again, but give you exercise tips for how to get an impressive bikini body in no time. Follow away.

Jen Selter for bum workouts

Jen Selter, aka the best bum on Instagram, needs no introduction. Step right this way for workouts that will get you a bum JLo would kill for.

Kayla Itsines for bikini body workouts

Kayla Itsines, a personal trainer from Australia, is giving Jen Selter a run for her money with her lean and athletic body.

Follow her for a 12-week bikini workout and inspirational quotes to keep you going.

Jessie Pavelka for motivational workouts

jessie pavelka headshot - people fo follow for fitness tips - gym bag - handbag

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As well as sharing diet and workout tips, Jessie Pavelka shares inspirational quotes so you keep at it.

Plus he's pretty, and that always helps.

Gisele Bundchen for weird workouts

Gisele Bundchen is better than everyone, so of course she has a better body than anyone else.

And she keeps it toned with weird exercises like Acro Yoga and Tai Chi.

Fitness on toast for stylish workouts

Let's face it, workout gear isn't exactly glam (unless we're talking Rita Ora for adidas).

Fitness blogger Faya, of Fitness on Toast, shares her tips on how to look cool when we exercise, as well as delicious-looking smoothie recipes.

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