8 Step Millie Mackintosh pull up workout for beginners

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Millie Mackintosh has gone fitness mad in the past year and one thing she boasts is her ability to do chin ups. So, we tried it out and got an 8 step programme for you to try.

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Pull ups are generally considered to be a men's workout, well thanks to the fit not skinny movement and the likes of Millie Mackintosh, this is no longer the case.

As an exercise it is particularly challenging for girls, mostly because it is a movement we haven't been doing for years.

How often do you pull something really heavy towards yourself? Yeah, it felt unfamiliar to us too.

So, the people at Iron Gym - who've made the ideal, put it anywhere pull up bar - came up with an 8 step programme.

8 Step Millie Mackintosh pull up workout for beginners

Step 1. Postural Hang
Hang from the pull-up bar aligning the head, shoulders, hips and knees. Maintain tension and 'lift' through the shoulders.

Once you can hold this for 30 seconds you can progress.

Step 2. Pronated Grip Lower Trap Lifts
From the hang position, keep the elbows extended and 'lift' the chest through the shoulders.

Can you do this 10 times for two seconds each? You may continue.

Step 3. Full Range Eccentric Pull-ups
Use Fit Assist bands to raise to the top of the bar. Lower under control for a count of 5 seconds.

You must be able to do this - with actual control - five times.

Step 4. Hanging Pull-up Accelerations
From the hang position, imagine attempting to complete a full range pull-up.

Attempt the lift with speed and hold the 'sticking' point for 3 seconds.

iron gym - millie mackintosh chin ups work out - handbag.com

We tried it...not quite so impressive hey?

Step 5. Isometric Weak Point Holds
This bit is about the lowering part (just as difficult)

Use Fit Assist bands to raise to the top of the bar. Lower under control to the ¾, ½ and ¼ positions for a count of 5 seconds each.

Do this three times comfortably before progressing.

Step 6. Full Range Fit Assist Pull-ups
Use the Fit Assist bands to attempt full pull-ups. Do five of them!

Step 7. Reduced Tension Full Range Fit Assist Pull-ups
Do the same as above but with less tension on the resistance bands. 5 again please.

Step 8. Full Range Unassisted Pull-up
Do an unassisted pull-up! As many times as you can.

Get you, Millie Mackintosh.

Ready to try it? Get yourself an Iron Gym bar from decathlon.co.uk and Tweet us all about your arm pain! @handbagcom



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