How to tackle the 3 biggest gym excuses and stick to your fitness resolutions

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Stop over-thinking it and start working out with our no-nonsense advice...

According to a recent survey by The Gym Group there are three key excuses people use to avoid sticking to their resolutions and hitting the gym.

Even though 67% of people have made a New Year's Resolution to do more exercise and lose weight, stats show a whopping 33% will quit after just three months.

So if you're willpowers at an all time low, we've come up with a few ways to tackle these cop-outs head on...

Excuse No.1: I just don't have time to go!

47% of people who sign up to the gym quit because of a lack of time. The trick to tackling this excuse is to stop thinking of the gym as an one or two hour excursion. If you've chosen a gym that's close to your house or place of work, skip hour long sessions in favour of 15 or 30 minute power sessions, where you push yourself to the limit. This is a perfect workout pre-breakfast as it will raise your metabolism for the day ahead, plus you'll have more time to get ready for work. If you're having a tough week at work don't punish yourself because you haven't made it to the gym. Just get back on the horse the week after or add an extra weekend session.

Excuse No.2: I can't afford the membership

24% of those who want to get fit don't because they worry about membership fees. Of course, this is a real issue, but there are plenty of gym chains out there that offer affordable rates and pay-as-you go subscriptions. Opt for gym memberships without a contract, so you can back out if you have to tighten the purse strings. Check out PureGym, The Gym Group, FitSpace Gyms and Better.

For more money saving gym tips, click here.

Excuse No.3: I find it boring

Finally, 23% of gym goers end up giving up because they're bored to tears on the treadmill. Although we feel your pain, there are always ways to make your workout more exciting. Here are some top tips to get you thinking...

+ Invest in one personal training session, so you know how to use all the equipment correctly. More fitness options = less boredom.
+ Create a fantastic fitness playlist and match your stride to the different rhythms.
+ Pick a treadmill or exercise bike in line with a flat screen TV (most gyms have these) and take your own headphones to plug in to the speaker system. That extra 30 minutes will fly by when you're busy watching The Big Bang Theory.
+ Cut your gym sessions in half. Of course, an hour on the treadmill is going to be boring, so keep things short and sweet.
+ Take along a friend or go along to a fitness class, which usually come as part of your membership package. Interacting with other fitness fanatics will get you feeling more enthusiastic.

Now go forth and get fit!

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