Undo the weekend damage: 12 ways to detox your body today

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Help your body beat the excesses of the weekend with these simple tips...

4. The boozy shot
Good weekend? And by that we obviously mean there was plenty of rich food, booze, coffee shop catch-ups and maybe even a late night fast food run.

Give your body a bit of a healthy start to the week and help it recover from all the good times with these simple detoxing tips and tricks...

1. Have a fibre rich breakfast
Fibre will help rid your digestive system and colon of any undigested foods. Try some oatmeal with nuts and flax seeds to get things, er, moving.

2. Go clean
Do a Gwyneth Paltrow and ditch processed foods, sugar and additives to help keep your body healthy.

3. Bye bye booze
If you've had a heavy weekend – give your body a week off to help your liver recover. It'll also do wonders for your skin, and think of all the calories you'll save.

4. Add some greens
Lots of lovely fresh leafy greens, whether in juice or food form, will give you a nutrient kick-start and help your body cleanse and repair.

5. Down some water
Make sure you drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins and help you stay hydrated. After a weekend of kebabs and tequila – it's the least you could do.

6. Add a slice of lemon
Lemons have over 20 proven anti-cancer compounds and will help flush out any nasties.

7. Eat some organic apples
Rich in pectin, which binds to toxins in the intestines to march them out of the body.

8. Take a deep breath
Getting more oxygen in your system will help it work better and keep you energised.

9. Put on a smile
You may not feel like smiling, but forcing yourself to feel positive and crack a smile will help reduce stress levels and produces lots of good chemicals.

10. Give your liver a wrap
Try beauty guru Liz Earle's homemade detoxing liver wrap to help the powerhouse organ work better. Find out how to do it here.

11. Stock up on these lovely veggies
Broccoli, garlic, spinach, cabbage, sprouts, blueberries and ginger all have super detoxing powers.

12. Sweat it out
30 minutes of exercise will get your heart pumping, your body working and help sweat out any badness.




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