Banish bingo wings and get toned arms like Beyoncé

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Try these simple tricks and exercises to get taught and lean arms like Queen B

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Unlike Madonna who's packing two bulging biceps, Beyoncé has managed to find the perfect balance between slim toned arms and muscles. There's not a bingo wing in sight. Jealous, us? Never!

Queen Bey showed off her amazing honed arms at V Festival on the weekend and since then we've been searching out the best tips, tricks and exercises for perfectly sculpted upper arms.

Check out these top tips to beat the bulge, tone up and wave those arms with pride...

1. Work on your triceps

The key to combating bingo wings starts with the muscles on the underside of your upper arm, aka the triceps. Try using a chair or box step to do tricep dips and commit to doing a short session of these every morning or evening. Spinning is also good because although this predominately targets the legs, holding onto the handle bars activates the triceps as well. Check out the video below...

2. Try 'Goblet Squats' and 'Kneeling Curls'

Once you've got tricep dips down it's time to move on to the next stage. Start with 10 repetitions of goblet squats that work all the muscles in your upper arms. Holding a kettlebell against your chest, stand with your feet just outside shoulder width with your toes slightly turned out. Squat down with the aim of getting your elbows to the inside of your knees - it is OK to push your knees out with your elbows. Remember to keep your chest up through the movement.

Next try 10 reps of kneeling curls with weights. Kneel on a mat and keep tall - think about pushing the top of your head toward the ceiling and keep your glutes and abdominals tight. Curl hand-held weights to your shoulders then press one weight above your head and lower back to your shoulder. Repeat with the other weight.

3. Eat only the 'good' fats!

Making sure that your diet includes certain key nutrients can help target stubborn fat that gathers in the upper arms. A calcium-rich diet is associated with higher rates of fat oxidation and the acceleration of fat loss. Foods that contain a lot of dairy can also help to convert fat stores into usable energy, so stock up on yoghurt, cottage cheese, tofu, sardines with bones and fortified non-diary milks like soya, rice and oat. Make sure you're eating plenty of Omega-3 rich foods too...

4. Try resistance training

If you're sick of push-ups and kettle bell swings, try resistance training. This type of exercises uses your own body weight, dumbbells or stretchy elastic cords to put your muscles under pressure - a great way to tone up swiftly and safely.

You can buy long stretchy pieces of elastic from Argos, but these clever little fit-kit accessories should be top of your arm toning list. Wrap the strap around your right hand and put the other end underneath your left foot. Pull the band out and keep your arm parallel to the ground with your fist in the centre of your chest. If you can't feel the burn you're doing it wrong!

5. Take care of your skin

To much sun means wrinkly saggy skin, so keep yourself covered in a decent SPF cream. A sun tan and a good scrub and moisturise will increase circulation and make the area appear more toned and contoured. Sometimes a little bit of clever deception goes a long way!

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