How to get in shape with the #FestivalFit 30 day challenge

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Off to Glastonbury in a month and want to look good in your denim shorts? Try the #FestivalFit 30 day challenge.

Got a month to go before you hit Glastonbury and need to get in shape to fit in those denim shorts? No problem.

Phones 4u has partnered up with celebrity choreographer Jay Revell to create the ultimate 30 day challenge with exercises you can do at home.

Jay has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Cheryl Cole, so you know you're in good hands.

The fitness programme is a fusion of festival-themed exercises and dance moves, designed to build the fitness levels of festival goers, to ensure they can handle the long days of trudging through mud and countless main stage sprints this summer.

Ready for the challenge? Here's a list of at-home exercises to get you toned in no time. 30 days to be precise.

festivalfit 30 day challenge - at home exercises - gym bag - handbag

  • Day 1: Morning Shuffle x50 reps + Crowd Wave x50 reps on each arm

  • Day 2: Pull Down The Tent x50 reps on each side + Welly Walk x50 reps

  • Day 3: Crowd Wave x50 reps on each arm + Mudder Trudger x25 reps on each leg

  • Day 4, 5 & 6: Repeat this cycle with the option of doing the sets twice

  • Day 7 &8: Full routine: Morning Shuffle x20 + Crowd Wave x30 each arm + Pull Down The Tent x25 each side + Welly Walk x20 + Mudder Trudger x20

  • Day 9: Rest day

  • Day 10: Full routine x2

  • Day 11: Main Stage Sprint x50 right arm x50 left arm x50 both arms + Bottle Dodging x50 clockwise x50 anticlockwise

  • Day 12: House Shuffle x100 + Mosh Pit Madness x30

  • Day 13: Bottle Dodging x50 clockwise x50 anticlockwise + Twerking 9 to 5 x15 sets

  • Day 14, 15 & 16: Repeat this cycle with the option of doing the sets twice

  • Day 17 & 18: Full routine: Main Stage Sprint x25 right arm x25 left arm x25 both arms + Bottle Dodging x25 clockwise x25 anti clockwise + House Shuffle x50 + Mosh Pit Madness x20 + Twerking 9-5 x10

  • Day 19: Rest day

  • Day 20: Full routine x2

  • Day 21: The Helicopter x70 each arm + Mental Mix x15

  • Day 22: JTKO x50 + Lights On Twist and Drop x30

  • Day 23: Rizzle Switch x100 + Mental Mix x20

  • Day 24, 25 & 26: Repeat this cycle with the option of doing the sets twice

  • Day 27 & 28: Full routine: The Helicopter x40 each arm + JTKO x25 + Twist and Drop x20 + Rizzle Switch x50 + Mental Mix x10

  • Day 29: Rest day

  • Day 30: Full routine x2

If you're not sure how to do the moves, every day of the challenge, Phones 4u have how-to videos on their Youtube channel.

Here's the first one:

Will you take on the challenge? Tweet us the results @handbagcom



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