Millie Mackintosh won't pressure Professor Green to diet

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EXCLUSIVE! We had a chat with Millie Mackintosh and had to ask about her rigorous diet and fitness regime. How does her bad boy husband Professor Green fit into that?

Professor Green opens Ink nightclub

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When we sat down with Millie Mackintosh, as well as getting the low down on her favourite beauty and hair products, we also took the opportunity to ask all about her very healthy living, and just how rapper Professor Green fits in.

So if you want to know just how to be as clean and lean as Millie, we've got the answers.

Why is it so important to be strong not skinny?
"I've just made it a part of my life. It's about feeling good it's not about losing weight.

It's about feeling strong in your body.

I enjoy working out and feeling the burn and feeling like I'm doing something.

I think it's good mentally. If you're having a really stressful day, for that hour that you're working out you can't think about anything else and you do come out feeling clear headed."

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Millie's all about building muscle with her chin up workout

How do you fit it all in to your hectic schedule?
"I try and fit it in early in the morning and then start my day, then it's over and done with, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Monday night's a nice night to do a workout because you're not going to be tempted to do anything naughty on a Monday night."

Did you feel pressure to be thin on Made In Chelsea?
"It didn't come from the show, it was just being out and at events.

I didn't feel like I needed to lose weight I just felt like I wanted to be healthier. I had such an unhealthy lifestyle.

When you're filming you're always sitting around waiting and eating junk food and snacks and sweets. Stuff that makes you feel tired."

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How strict are you with your diet?
"I try generally to not have sugar and no junk in the week. Then at the weekends whatever I feel like.

I don't follow [the alkaline diet] religiously but I like doing the cleanses and the cookbooks are great for really interesting ways of making meals with vegetables that are really tasty and not boring."

How does Professor Green fit in?
"I don't put any pressure on him to eat what I do, sometimes I'll make him something and make myself something else but we both like a lot of the same things like sweet potato chips for example.

I just like to stock up the fridge full of healthy, grass-fed meats and good quality fish and we throw stuff together."

Millie Mackintosh's workouts



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