7 reasons to give up alcohol for a month and embrace being sober

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Giving up booze sounds like hard work - but here's why foregoing that glass of wine for a month could do you wonders...

4. The boozy shot
Do you think you can go sober for a whole month? That's right a month of no gins, leisurely glasses of wine, no beers after work...

If you don't think you or your social circle can man it - then maybe these health benefits can change your mind.

Why should you go sober for a month?

Lose weight

Empty calories are defined as those that provide energy without nutritional value - something that alcohol has in spades.

A large (250ml) glasses of wine for example contains an average 170 calories per serving. Drinking one of those a day (which is well within the recommended safe drinking levels for women) adds up to a whopping 61,880 extra calories a year. So that single glass of wine could cost you an extra 18lbs of weight in one year alone.

Avoid alcohol dependence

Does it worry you that you can't watch TV without a glass of wine, see your friends without a gin or enjoy a burger without a beer?

We're not saying you are on the highway to alcoholism, but taking a break is a good way to stop both physical and psychological dependency on alcohol.

To improve your skin

Alcohol wreaks havoc with an otherwise carefully maintained youthful glow. But just five days off the pop could see a huge improvement.

It dehydrates the skin and slows down circulation, leaving complexions looking dull and dry. Not only is booze a nutritional black hole, but it depletes the body of vital vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy skin.

Long-term drinking can lead to broken capillaries and aggravate or cause eczema or psoriasis, while sluggish liver and kidney function emphasises bags under the eyes.

Lower your tolerance

The more you drink, the higher your tolerance to alcohol becomes. According to Drinkaware.co.uk, your liver builds up an enzyme to metabolise alcohol, and the more you drink, the more of this enzyme you have.

This means you will have to drink more to get the same effects which is obviously bad for your body. Taking a break will allow those enzymes to deplete. Good for your liver and your wallet.

Save money

It's not all about your liver you know. December is an expensive month, and giving up booze will do wonders for readdressing the balance of your wallet. Just think how cheap a meal out is without two bottles of £20 wine?

Improve your memory

Alcohol can damage your brain cells by effecting the ends of neurons. This can lead to memory loss, affect brain function and there is growing research that regular research can increase your chances of getting dementia.

Reduce your risk of cancer

There's no denying the link between drinking and cancer. In fact, alcohol causes around 4% of cancer cases in the UK every year – that's about 12,500 cases. So giving your body a break can be no bad thing for your organs.



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