Cameron Diaz reveals her celebrity diet and fitness secrets in The Body Book

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The chapter on her lady garden might be the most talked about, but Cameron's new health book is full of interesting tips

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Cameron Diaz's new book, The Body Book: Feed, move, understand and love your amazing body isn't your average lifestyle tome.

Yes, she talks about growing her pubic hair into a "pretty draping", but that's not the most interesting bit. We promise.

Take a peek at six things we've learnt about staying healthy from Cam's new book...

Feeling hungry is not okay

Safe to say Cameron wouldn't be a fan of the 5:2 diet. She says, "Here's the fact: hunger is your body urging you to take care of yourself, to give it energy so that you can live your life." Breakfast and healthy snacking are high on Cam's list of priorities.

Cameron Diaz follows the Paleo diet theory

Cameron believes that we live in a hunter-gatherer society, but with "the advent of processed foods, human beings have begun to overeat these prepackaged fat-sugar-salt bombs instead of eating wholesome whole foods in healthy quantities." Find out more about the Paleo diet here.

Not all carbs are created equal

Kim Kardashian might have lost her baby weight by cutting all carbs, but Cameron says we shouldn't confuse healthy complex carbs (wholegrains, veggies and fruit) with simple carbs found in processed junk. Carbs aren't the enemy.

Swap beige foods for bright colourful food

Cameron's all about bold food, so she seeks out natural ingredients with the best hues. "The deeper green a leaf of lettuce is, the most nutrients it is likely to hold," she admits. Big up your phytonutrient intake with broccoli, spinach, red cabbage and tomatoes.

Your poo holds the answers to life's problems

We've got to hand it to the lady, she's not afraid to discuss the tricky subjects. Cameron's got a whole chapter on bowel movements, but she makes some good points. Got chronic constipation? Well, why aren't you at the doctor? Forget infections and stomach bugs because loose poop could be a sign that you're overloaded with fibre.

We should all aim to be 'muscle women'

Cameron trains to get strong lean muscles because muscles = power. She reveals, "Higher levels of muscle strength are also associated with lower risk of heart disease and chronic diseases." She recommends squeezing your bum muscles in the office, tucking in your stomach and lifting weights in the gym.

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