On trial: Diet to your door

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We review the best diet to your door services to help you lose weight without the hassle

On trial: Diet to your door
We've eaten, we've drank and we've been merry on more than one occasion and now we're paying the price with our expanding waistlines, blotchy skin and sluggish digestive system.

As we're all too aware, losing the weight we've gained over the festive period can be far more difficult than it was to gain it, which is why a diet service that takes care of all of the calorie counting, weighing, cooking and shopping can be a godsend at this time of year.

To help you regain your figure and start the new year with a bang, we've reviewed the best diet to your door services which devise, prepare and deliver all the food you need to lose weight straight to your door. All you need to do is lie back and relax safe in the knowledge that you'll be back in your skinny jeans in time at all...

Soulmatefood weight loss diet - It's all about portion control in the diet that doesn't taste like a diet.

The Body Chef superfood diet - No chocolate, no sugar and no caffeine for a week. Find out if our reviewer survived the super healthy super food diet.

Raw Fairies raw food diet - Could you stomach a diet consisting of uncooked greens all in the name of the body beautiful? Read how our tester got on the raw food diet.

Diet Chef weight loss diet - Our dieter underwent strict portion control on the Diet Chef weight loss dier plan.

Pure Package brain food diet - Better concentration, higher performance and more energy after just a week? See if the renowned Pure Package diet worked.

Weight to go weight loss diet - Could you survive off soup and shakes? Our reviewer did, see the results of the Weight to go diet. Nosh detox diet - Our tester gave up all the things she loved in the name of this strict detox.

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