We've got the secret to Jessie J's toned abs

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We asked personal trainer Dave Peterson from Fitness First gyms to give us the lowdown on getting sculpted abs like Jessie J....

Jessie J amazing abs Wireless
Jessie J wowed us at Wireless festival over the weekend with her incredible voice, 90s outfit and killer toned stomach! 

The key to great abs like Jessie's isn't endless sit-ups and crunches - it's cardiovascular exercises that work your whole body.

Cardio is essential for stripping any excess fat off your middle to expose the muscle below. You could do sit-ups until your blue in the face, but if there's fat hiding your abs your hard work will go unnoticed!  

To tone up and lose the extra pounds you need a cardio workout with interval training. Do 30 seconds on any piece of cardio equipment that works the whole body, like the cross trainer or treadmill. 

Push yourself for short 30 second bursts followed by a one minute rest. Repeat this eight to 10 times to really feel the burn and get your heart working.

Now it's time to work on those abs! Dave Peterson from Fitness First Baker Street gym recommends Metabolic Resistance Training, which is designed to strengthen, tone and shape the body.

Perform 10 to 12 cycles of lunges, squats and crunches using suspension equipment or weights. Rest for 30-45 seconds between repetitions for maximum results.

Dave's best exercise for toning abs is.....reverse crunches.

- Lie on the floor with your legs extended into the air. Lift your bum off the floor without using your arms to push yourself up. Do this ten times, take a short break and repeat the cycle twice more.

- Other exercises that work wonders are planks and side planks. Click here for more tummy toning exercises!

Dave's best diet tip for toning abs is....

- Drink green tea as it can help speed up metabolism.

What do you think? Will you be trying these exercises tonight....

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What's your slimming inspiration?


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