Six weeks to OMG diet craze - Can this book help you lose 201b in six weeks?!

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Venice A. Fulton promises to make you skinnier than all your friends with diet coke, cold baths and morning exercise...

Six Weeks to OMG diet
Six Weeks to OMG: Get skinnier than all your friends by Venice A. Fulton is the latest diet book that's stormed to the top of the bestsellers list.

Venice (real name Paul Khanna) started as a North London personal trainer before creating the OMG diet, which is partially inspired by the TOWIE ladies and their quest for slimmer bodies.

He claims that you can lose between 10 and 20lbs in six weeks if you follow his advice, but medical experts and nutritionists aren't so convinced by his strange methods.

Since the book was published earlier this year, Venice has come under fire for encouraging competitive weight loss and extreme behaviour among the 'Facebook generation', which includes young girls.  

Critics back up their claims by referring to the tone of the book, which is written in extremely simple terms with text speak, bold font and catchy headlines.

Here's what Venice claims will help you lose weight (It's basically the opposite of everything we've EVER been told about a healthy diet!).....

Take a cold bath: Laying in a cold bath (room temperature not ice cold) forces your body to shiver, which increase its metabolic rate and burns fat. Venice recommends you do this every day for at least 15 minutes.

Don't eat breakfast: In the morning there is no sugar or 'fuel' in your system, so your body is forced to burn its stored energy in the form of fat. This is the 'best breakfast' because you body is taking stored energy from itself. Our bodies aren't designed to wake up and instantly eat food, we only eat breakfast because of habit and commercial pressures.

Cut down your fruit intake: Fruits do contain vitamins, minerals and nutrient but they're also rich in fructose, which blocks a chemical called Leptin that tells the body when we feel full. So, the more fruit you eat the more you will risk overeating. We should only eat ONE piece of fruit a day.

Don't snack: Eat little and often. We don't need to eat six small meals a day, just three will be fine.  Venice says: "We've been encouraged to believe that each time we eat, we boost our metabolism and our chances of losing weight. This is very wishful thinking, and it's wrong."

Exercise early: Move for 30 minutes in the morning before you've eaten so your body is forced to burn stored fat. Once you've finished exercising don't eat for three hours! The more muscles you use the more calories you burn, so endless stomach crunches aren't worth it.

Drink lots of caffeine: Caffeine opens fat cells and encourages them to empty their fat into your bloodstream. Drink plain black coffee, but not energy drinks because they are full of sugar.

Never eat more than the size of four smartphones in one portion: If you put two smartphones side by side and two on top this is a good indication of the amount of carbs you should eat per meal. Eat lots of vegetables and plenty of protein.

We think: Success stories are seeping through, but this is a fad diet that you need to consider carefully before starting. A healthy diet combined with exercise and the occasional treat is the safest way to lose weight and stay happy in the long-run.

Nutritionist Dr Carina Norris says: "I would not recommend that anyone tries to exercise as soon as they get up in the morning without eating. Most people if they try this will feel weak and dizzy and it could be extremely dangerous. With no fuel in the body you might faint, which is not good for your health in the long or short term. It is a very harsh treatment.

Dr Christian Jessen from TV's Embarrassing Bodies believes this diet is almost impossible to stick to. In his column for the Evening Standard newspaper he said that the huge amounts of willpower required for cold baths and skipping breakfast should be channelled into following a healthy long term eating plan that means you lose weight for good!
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