Can Google Fit help you lose weight and stay in shape?

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Google Fit wants to harness all your fitness data and put it one place. But will it work?

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If 2013 was all about the fitness tracker, then let us dub 2014 the year of the health software platforms. Sounds sexy and exciting huh?

Google have announced they will be launching Google Fit - either software on their phones or an app (no one is really sure yet) that will feed in data from your tracker bands and health apps in one place.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but according to Forbes, it is thought the new software will work with your wearable tech and apps to aggregate all your data and help you make sense of it.

It is believed consumers will be excited about this as more of what we wear starts to contain sensors monitoring our heart rates, steps, calories etc.

This comes after apple announced the launch of their new platform HealthKit, which will be part of their next iOS 8 update, and Samsung's new SAMI application.

It is unclear yet whether Google Fit will be a built in part of their Android software, or a separate downloadable app.

It seems over the next year, we are going to all know a lot more about how little we are exercising.

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