Time to overcome fears of talking to your family about dementia

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Early diagnosis is critical in cases of dementia. With World Alzheimer's Day, it's time to end the stigma and talk to a family member if you have concerns...

World Alzheimers day
A new campaign launched today is urging people to talk about dementia in order to help early diagnosis.

Launched on World Alzheimer's Day, the joint campaign between the Department of Health and the Alzheimer's Society is urging people to get talking about the condition as early diagnosis is critical to treatment.

Among the first symptoms of dementia are short-term memory loss that interferes with someone's everyday routine, depression and anxiety that doesn't seem to have a cause, and difficulty in reasoning or thinking such as struggling to follow the train of conversation.

Prime Minister David Cameron joined the campaign saying, "Dementia is a devastating disease that puts enormous strain on people and their families.

Shockingly, nearly 400,000 people are unaware that they have the condition and so we want to make sure more people know what dementia is and how to spot those tell-tale signs."

If you are concerned about a family member, it's time to forget the awkwardness and have a conversation urging them to see their GP.

Sir Michael Parkinson and Fiona Phillips have shared personal stories in a film to mark the day. Watch it below and for more information, visit alzheimers.org.uk

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