Anyone for a 'Vampire Face Lift'? Celebs go wild for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

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A new treatment that injects blood into the face is being used to reduce wrinkles...

Vampire teeth

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Cosmetic surgeons in London have developed a brand new technique that uses blood to reduce wrinkles and frown lines.

The 'Vampire Face Lift' also known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy has been developed by cosmetic surgeon, Mr Alex Karidis, as an alternative to botox.

In true Twilight style, a sample of blood is taken from the patient and spun in a centrifuge separating the components in the blood.

As this is being done, a Dermaroller, covered in rows of fine needles, is used on the face to prick the skin in preparation for the next stage.

Here's where it gets (even more) strange. Mr Karidis takes the patients' blood sample and extracts the liquid component called plasma, which is responsible for 'suspending' red and white blood cells.

This plasma is then injected back into the patients' skin with a particular focus on deep lines around the mouth.

The treatment has been developed to help naturally regenerate and repair the skin during the ageing process. After the injections the skin should start to feel plumper and more toned.

Brit actress Anna Friel has admitted that she is a fan of PRP injections because they're a natural (and less risky) alternative to cosmetic fillers like botox.

Do you dare to try the 'Vampire Face Lift'?

If you're game click here. The treatment costs £500 and results last between six and nine months.

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