Why did Tom Hanks ignore his Type 2 Diabetes for 20 years?

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Tom Hanks proves it's always best to visit your doctor and tackle your health issues head on...

Tom Hanks

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We always pictured Tom Hanks to be a sensible kinda' guy, but he's recently revealed that he's suffering from Type 2 diabetes after ignoring his symptoms for 20 years!

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In an interview last night (7 Ooctober) with David Letterman, the 57-year-old Forrest Gump actor revealed he has been diagnosed with the common form of diabetes, which is caused by the body becomming immune to its own insulin.

See the symptoms and treatments for Type two diabetes here.

Fellow Oscar-winner Halle Berry also has the condition, which can be easily maintained with a healthy diet, tablets or insulin injections.

Speaking on the Late Show with David Letterman, Tom said, "I went to the doctors and they said', "You know those high blood sugar numbers you've been living with since you were 36, well you've graduated, you've got Type 2 Diabetes young man"'.

In a bid to control the disease, Tom has noticeably lost weight, which he also accredits to playing a modern day pirate in his new film Captain Phillips. However, he admits he's not going to follow doctor's orders and slim down to his high school weight of 98 pounds.

He said, "My doctor said, "If you can weigh what you weighed in high school, you'll essentially be completely healthy and not have type 2 diabetes." Well I'm going to have type 2 diabetes then!"

If you're feeling ill, lethargic or have constant aches and pains that won't go away it's always worth going to see your GP.

We have no interest in turning you all into paranoid hypochondriacs, but did you know a stomach ache for more than three weeks can be the sign of something more serious? Diarrhoea for more than three days is also a signalling point for a doctor's visit or call out.

In fact, there are loads of things you shouldn't ignore just in case. They might not be anything serious at all, but it's not worth gambling with your health...

• Abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharge and unexplained back and stomach pain can all be signs of cervical cancer.
• Thickened, discoloured or rash-covered skin on your breast or nipple can be symptoms of breast cancer.
• Unexplained weight gain, tiredness and depression could hint to an under-active thyroid.
• Irregular periods, excessive body hair, weight gain and acne can all indicate Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
• Itchy skin, eyes and nose, hives, difficulty sleeping and blocked ears could be a sign of an allergy.

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