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We joined Take Me Out: The Gossip presenter Zoe Hardman at the UK launch of Zumba Toning - the muscle conditioning workout that's actually FUN.....

Zumba Toning
We've all become familiar with Zumba over the past year, which combines high-energy Latin dance music with cardio-boosting moves for a brilliant workout.

Now Zumba has launched Zumba Toning, a brand new class that incorporates two weighted Toning Sticks (1lb each or 2.5lbs each depending on your fitness level) that shape and define muscles as you dance.

Zumba Toning combines nightclub-style dance moves with resistance training and cardio sets that build endurance and strength while sculpting the body.

We think it's going to be the next big fitness craze, so if you want to try it for yourself visit www.zumba.com/toning to find your nearest class.

To get you started, we asked Zumba Education Specialist, Vanessa Morris, to give us her top tips on how to make the most of the new Toning classes.....

+Keep your abdominals engaged throughout the class. It is easy to forget about the abs during a class like this, but by keeping them tight you maintain balance, allowing you to gain maximum benefit from each exercise

+Remember to keep a gentle but secure grip on the toning sticks throughout - avoid squeezing them as this increases the blood pressure. This is all about merging the fluidity of Zumba Fitness with the controlled, measured approach to honing the muscles

+Throughout your workout you have options to progress. Work at your own level - every instructor will provide options for more experienced Zumba dancers and brand new members. There's no need to feel overwhelmed!

+Have fun! Zumba Toning is all about having fun, just like the original Zumba Fitness programme. Join the fitness party and enjoy it!

Take Me Out: The Gossip presenter Zoe Hardman is a huge supporter of Zumba Toning and she credits it for her fabulous figure!  We asked her to show us her favourite exercise to banish those annoying love handles....

Oblique workout

+Stand with legs slightly wider than hip width

+Hold the toning sticks in each hand with a gentle yet secure grip, keeping your torso facing forwards

+Lean to one side, lifting back up before repeating

+This can be done one side at a time, or you can alternate sides in between each repetition

+Ensure that you move carefully back up to the start position in between repetitions, to avoid unbalancing the move

Will you be trying Zumba Toning?

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