How to spring clean your wardrobe

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The new spring season is approaching and if your wardrobe is full of things you never wear, we've got the answer to your clutter woes.

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The spring trends are upon us and whether you've bought one too many crop tops or just can't stop shopping in an effort to morph into Olivia Palermo, there often just isn't enough room at the inn for all those clothes.

So, let us guide you through the long and sometimes distressing process of giving your wardrobe a much needed detox.

Keep wardrobe staples

There are certain items that may not play into any certain trend right now, that you should always hold onto.

A white shirt, a grey marl T-shirt, those ever handy black heels that aren't too high to walk in.

You know the things - perfect for layering, job interviews, or any and all random occasions. These are keepers.

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The bonnet is not what we'd class as a staple item

If it's damaged bin it

Stains and holes, for the most part these can't be fixed and really aren't a good look.

If you have a collection of white shirts all with deodorant stain, it's time to get rid and buy a new one.

If you actually ditch all these items you can get a real idea of whether you need to go shopping...or just really want to.

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Unless you're Regina George, you can't pull this off

Things that don't fit

Yes, we've all got those Sex and the City, Miranda skinny jeans, but if you're holding on to a whole heap of clothes that don't fit, you're just wasting space.

Misshapen oversized jumper and T-shirts can get the boot as can that skirt you only fit into because you bought it the day after recovering from that winter vomiting bug.

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Even Miranda thought she'd thrown out her skinny jeans

Trend pieces

Trend pieces can be the hardest to judge as, as the 90s trend proves, things do come back around. That said you can't spend your life holding onto things waiting to see if they come back in fashion.

If you haven't worn it for a seriously long time and you don't actually love it as an item, it's fair to say goodbye.

Some things you just can't predict, for instance Ashish bringing back Buffalo trainers!

Now, as sad as it can be parting from your clothes, just think how much space you'll have for more!



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