Festival fashion trends that need to stay at the festival

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We're all for adventurous street style but the bum bags and elaborate makeup seen at festivals don't always work in real life.

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You can get away with pretty much any look at a festival. The more outlandish your outfit is, the better. That's why there are certain festival looks that just don't cut it in real life and need to come off when the wristbands do.

Rita Ora and Vanessa Hudgens show us the trends you'll be raving in this summer, then storing away until next year's Glasto.

The trend: Granny Maxi Dresses

We're all for a gorgeous maxi dress but Paris Hilton's grandma dressing gown just doesn't work with navigating the Tube at rush hour and blustery winds on crowded streets.

The Trend: Bum bags

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Festival Style at Coachella 2014

Kylie Jenner's bum bag is leaves both hands free for dancing and Instagramming. Whether the bum bag has a place in real life is hotly debated.

Most of you said that its convenience doesn't make up for the fact wearing one makes you look like a guidebook toting tourist.

The Trend: Printed Bell Bottoms

Few pieces are more peace and love festival-friendly than a pair of high waist printed bell bottoms.

In real life, flares are slowly making a comeback but we're still too obsessed with skinny jeans and 90s denim to see Kendall Jenner's bell bottoms for anything other than fancy dress.

The Trend: Novelty sunglasses

We love a pair of statement sunglasses but for every day we want a pair that shields our eyes, not our entire face.

Cara's cat eye shades work for in real life but Poppy's are best left for the VIP area or a themed hen do.

The Trend: Sheer Dresses

Outside of the festival grounds, there are few occasions when it's appropriate to flash your pants and wear a sheer top. If you want to show some skin like Rita Ora, stick with a crop top.

The Trend: Excess embellishment

When it comes to festival accessorising, more is definitely more.

There just isn't time in the morning to put on Sarah Hyland's watch, bracelets, rings, necklaces, eye gems and headband, and make it to work on time.

The Trend: Swimwear as clothing

It's practical to wear your swimsuit to a festival because you probably won't get a proper shower unless you're in the VIP area or if it rains. In real life, stick with wearing your bikini only when you're at the beach.

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Best festival fashion at Coachella 2014



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