What to wear under a see-through lace or sheer dress

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With celebs galore taking to wearing see-through lace and sheer outfits, from a dress to a top, sometimes it's what you wear underneath that gets tricky...

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Whether it's a lace and shirt combo like Paloma Faith's Spring outfit courtesy of Burberry, or a sheer, mesh number, dressing see-through clothes in real life can be quite tricky. Kim K has demonstrated this for us time and again.

So, we've got some advice to help get you through the sheer trend without looking like you're walking through an x-ray machine.

We all love Rosie for Autograph, but not everyone is meant to see that!

What to wear under a see-through shirt

When it comes to see through tops you have options that directly relate to the occasion. If you want to keep it smart you're best off wearing a vest or even a leotard.

If you're on a night out or keeping it casual in the summer months (we're already dreaming), these are the times to play around with all the bralet tops that are just too skimpy to wear on their own.

What to wear under a see-through dress

Sheer dresses are often panelled for modesty, unless you're Lady Victoria Hervey and love showing basically everything, these are your best bet.

However if you've found something amazing, slip dresses can be a saviour. Otherwise this is when you can bring out your inner Rihanna and experiment with shapes and layers.

Just beware of trousers and dress combinations, even Emma Watson's Dior was questionable.

Kristen Stewart flashes the flash in sheer Erdem dress for On The Road screening

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Just make sure what ever you wear underneath fits...

What to wear under a see-through skirt

A bandage skirt can be the perfect way to keep the texture and fun of a see-through skirt without showing too much.

However if you're feeling especially adventurous and fash you can find some high waisted fifties style hot pants.

Or for full hipster, there's the terrifying prospect of the 90s fashion trend: cycling shorts. Approach with caution.

What to wear under see-through white

White sheer clothing gives the option of making a statement with the under garments or not depending on what you want to do.

Wearing black or a bright colour will be eye catching - remember Kim K in those black pants - and is certainly not work appropriate, after work on the other hand...

Swap the vest for a fluro bandeaux and you'll have quite the transformation.

Rosamund Pike in Victoria Beckham white dress, The World's End premiere

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