How to dress your body shape in the spring 2014 fashion trends

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The spring fashion trends are almost upon us, so what should you wear if your pear shaped? And what should you avoid if your petite?

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It may still be raining cats and dogs but fashion wait for no man, or the weather. Spring 2014 trends are on the way and we're breaking down how to wear them for your shape.

You may be trying to target your 'problem areas' with specific body shape appropriate exercise, but your shape will always be your shape, so here's how to kit it out in the new season trends.

Trends for pear shaped bodies

When it comes to pear shapes like Beyoncé and Keira Knightley balance is the key. You can even out your shape with prints and oversized coats. Don't be afraid of leather or colour you just need to remember where you want to draw the eye.

See the trends for pear shapes in full.

Trends for an apple shape

If you're an apple you want to disguise the fact that all your weight seems to hang around your middle so work these seasons trends to make it look like you've got more of a waist.

Colour blocking, and of course all that pink - though everyone can join in with that - monochrome, and waist-friendly jackets are ones for you.

See the trends for apple shaped bodies in full.

Trends for an hourglass figure

Celebs like Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian make the most of their curves and their enviable waists.

Those with a figure like this have plenty to play with this spring with all sorts of throwback, retro fashion. There's the world of statement coats and colour blocking for you too.

But steer clear of any of those boxy shapeless tops and dresses, like we saw at Topshop Unique.

See the trends for hourglass figures in full.

Trends for petite women

Petite women have a lot of options and if the Olsen twins are anything to go by, you don't have to avoid all the oversized coats and laid back luxe vibes, just be aware of length.

You can elongate with blacks and break up your figure with a 90s revival crop top.

See the trends for petite women in full.



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