Top 10 summer style crimes that should be avoided at all costs

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Black knickers with white linens? The very worst fashion crimes you'll see this summer...

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Summer fashion can be tricky. The art of wearing a lot less while still retaining your preferred level of modesty? That's a skill. It needs to rehearsed, honed and perfected.

But nevertheless, there are certain summer style crimes we'll see again and again no matter what the trend or temperature.

Apparently, some offenders just never learn!

So this summer, I'm taking action with a list of the very worst fashion crimes we'll undoubtedly be treated to at the park, the beach, while shopping and (worst of all) at work, complete with some sage style suggestions.

I'd like to print it out and hand it to every offender I see. But that's probably controversial, right?

STYLE CRIME 1: Black underwear with whites. Whether it's lined or not, the chances of your white skirt, trousers or linen dress hiding the fact you're wearing a big massive pair of black pants is slim. Same goes for hot pink with polka dots and neon coloured thongs. Get some flesh tones in your knicker drawers people!

STYLE CRIME 2: Crop tops. Now, this may sound controversial so I want to put it out there loud and clear - I'm in NO WAY a supporter of size zero, nor do I harbour hate for chubby people. I myself perform a fluctuating dance around the middle ground of those two groups. That said however, if a high waistline can't save your cropped look, for your own sake, just take it off and move on. Who wants visible overspill?!

STYLE CRIME 3: Visible bra straps and back fasteners. It was once a trend yes, but it's not any more. If you're going to do the VBS while wearing a vest or strappy frock, make it demure, sophisticated or just admit defeat and colour match. Black bra straps that run smoothly into a strapless black dress? Acceptable. Hot pink bow-trimmed bra straps poking out from your crisp white babydoll? Meh.

STYLE CRIME 4: Jelly shoes. How ever much you loved them when you were 10, and however much you love to reminisce, jelly shoes, in my opinion, should be avoided. I'm not into hard and fast fashion rules, and I do love self-expression, but if you don't boast 'edge' in an off-beat Alexa Chung kind of way, you're just going to look bizarre.

STYLE CRIME 5: Pornographic bikinis. If you want to boost your bust on the beach, get a bikini with added support, padding and built-in lift. Don't squeeze your boobs into a top that's too small, before trying to hoist them with the halter-neck strings. Unless you're in a low-budget rap video, this is probably going to look more trashy than sexy.

STYLE CRIME 6: Maxi dress mix-ups. If you're petite, go for a fitted maxi or cinch the waist with a belt. If you're a pear shape, go for a flowing number. Bodycon is probably going to be more flattering than you think, but remember, it's not one style suits all. Body shape will make or break your maxi, so consider it when you shop.

STYLE CRIME 7: Boob support. The arrival of the sunshine rarely coincides with magical breast uplift. So if you'd normally wear a bra, you should probably still do that. Big boobs that are swinging too low just don't pack the same punch. Trust me.

STYLE CRIME 8: Flip flops versus sandals. What's the difference? One is made for the beach and pool, the other for summer style. As much as we all love comfy Havaianas, they really don't belong in your workwear wardrobe.

STYLE CRIME 9: Teeny tiny shorts. The right pair for you does exist, I promise! But when it comes to shorts, it's a case of trying on every shape, style and cut on offer. If you have thighs that belong in the real world (i.e you have actual meat on your bones), don't start at Topshop. They're not cutting shorts for you and I. New Look, Dorothy Perkins, River Island and Next are just a few of the high street's more thigh-friendly options. You don't want the squished sausage look, now do you?

STYLE CRIME 10: Too much too soon. It's easily done. The sun comes out, you've been waiting to wear your entire summer wardrobe for what feels like forever, and so you do. Without any real thought about where you're going, what you'll be doing and what time the sun goes down. Shivering on the bench of a beer garden in your strapless cut-out playsuit? Goosebumps and corned-beef legs aren't going to look good when you're tagged on Facebook. Layering is key!

What do you think? Anyone joining the fight against summer's biggest style crimes?

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