Bargain hunter or boutique buyer: Which shopping tribe do you belong to?

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Love to haggle or online browser? See what your shopping style says about you...

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Everyone loves a bargain, and new research shows the current economic climate has made us cleverer than ever when it comes to bagging a deal.

A third of us have now shunned our usual shopping outlets and turned into promiscuous purchasers, while a further third have become careful consumers who plan well ahead and never deviate from our shopping list.

The survey by Barclaycard – which processes nearly half of all card transactions in the UK – shows that people now place far greater value on the emotional investment of save money, giving rise to rise to four new modern shopping tribes. So which one sounds most familiar to you?

The Bargain Hunter Gatherers

Almost three in five Brits (59 per cent) choose to shop around to check on prices before settling on a particular deal. As a BGH, you're an expert at collecting the best tools, voucher codes and loyalty cards to make your budget go as far as possible every week. When it comes to food shopping, you'll buy your basics at your usual supermarket, but nip to a budget store for some good value Prosecco and parma ham.

The Profit Prophets

The majority of us (71 per cent) are trying to be more careful with saving money compared with five years ago. What's more, nearly half of us now never leave the house without a detailed shopping list. Profit prophets are a key example of this, planning purchases well ahead of time. You're super organised and feel totally out of control if you have to make an important purchase at the last minute. That's why you started your Christmas present-buying back in January.

The Screen Savers

Online shopping reflects 20 per cent of total spend in the UK, with almost one in ten of us (7 per cent) claiming to never set foot in a shop for non-essential items. If you consider yourself to be a 'big shopper', you're most likely to be making your purchases online, and are generally based in the South East, East Midlands, and the East of England. You love shopping from your sofa or your desk, or using your smartphone to screengrab products for later.

The High Street Pounders

A growing group of Brits (24 per cent) are choosing to shop at local independent shops instead of big high street chains, either online or in store. Mileage is no obstacle for you - you'll quite literally pound the streets to get the very best deals. You prefer to haggle for what you want and you'll make the time to get it right.



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