The biggest high street fashion brand fails

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Sometimes high street fashion brands get it totally wrong. From Urban Outfitters to Steve Madden, here are the biggest fails from the fast fashion favourites.

High street shops usually have it down with their budget fashion buys and awesome campaigns.

But sometimes they mess up. Hell, don't we all.

From Urban Outfitters religious bed covers to Steve Madden's Balenciaga copyright war, we take a look at a few high street shop fails.

J. Crew's new size 000

j.crew new brand budget friendly shop - shopping news - shopping bag -

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J. Crew have launched a new size: the triple-zero trend (the equivalent of a size XXXS over here). Naturally, they have been blasted for the decision, with fears that it will give women an unrealistic and unhealthy weight goal.

Lulu Lemon's bad sun advice on shopping bag

Lulu Lemon bag with bad sun care advice - high street brand fails - day bag -

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Lulu Lemon made a bit of sun safe faux-pas on a shopping bag emblazoned with the words, "Sunscreen absorbed into the skin might be worse for you than sunshine." Hmm, we're not sure science would agree there.

It sparked a lot of beef on social media, with the company responding with:

"The manifesto design that goes on our bags is a collection of statements that are ever-evolving and intended to spark conversation that is relevant at the time."

We're not so sure of some of the other statements printed beside this, either...

Urban Outfitters Hindu Lord Ganesh bed covers

urban outfitters lord ganesh bed covers - biggest high street fashion fails - shopping bag -

© Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is in a new debacle with the Hindu community after emblazoning duvet covers with pictures of the religious deity, Lord Ganesh, namely because people would be sleeping on or having sex under the god.

After a lot of dispute they've removed the offending covers 'Valentina Ramos For DENY Lord Ganesha' duvet cover from their stores.

Don't think any practicing Hindus will be gracing their stores again any time soon...

Steve Madden copies Balenciaga bag

steve madden btalia - balaneciaga sues steve madden - shopping bag - handbag

Steve Madden Btalia satchel

Steve Madden has got himself into a bit of a hullabaloo with Balenciaga.

The brand blatantly ripped off the iconic Motorcycle bag from the designer and they quickly got wind.

The French fashion house has since filed a lawsuit..we wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this.

Urban Outfitters copies designer's work

urban outfitters - sued for copyright infringement - copies artist's work society6 spires art prints - industry news - shopping news - shopping bag -

© Tumblr / Spires

Urban Outfitters took to doing a little copycat work recently too.

The brand recently copied an artists' exact same print for their BAMBAM skirt and the artist was quick to notice.

No wonder he was pretty pissed (em, who wouldn't be?) but the company quickly took down the offending item from the website with a sincere apology.

Harvey Nichols dog in bag assault

Harvey Nichols New Breed SS13 campaign

The fashion paradise that is Harvey Nicks, was sued for £1 million following claims that security staff assaulted a women who tried to enter the store with a dog in her handbag.

The funny thing was the Harvey Nichols S/S 13 campaign showed models carrying oversized pooches in designer bags...

The mind boggles.

Rihanna sued Topshop for $5million

Rihanna wins Topshop T-shirt court case

Last year, Rihanna took Topshop to the cleaners in a court case which she eventually won.

The singer sued the high street favourite for using her face on a tee without her permission.

Well, I suppose we'd feel rather cheated too...

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