DIY Fashion Fix: How to make a pom pom handbag charm

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Want to spice up an old handbag? Add an Olivia Palermo style Fendi pom pom handbag charm with our DIY step by step instructions.

how to make your own pom pom handbag charm - finished product - street style -

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Step-by-step: How to make a pom pom handbag charm

If you want to get involved in the latest celebrity handbag trend, pom poms are the way to go.

Olivia Palermo and Lily Allen are all over it and you know if they're doing it, you should be too.

If you can't quite stretch to the Fendi Monster version - this is how you can make your own at home.

What you'll need

You can make a wooly pom pom yourself, however for the full A-List effect you're better off buying one like this one from The Toft Alpaca Shop.

Other than that you'll just need the usual needle and thread, some ribbon - preferably something stiff like grosgrain - and an old keyring.

If your pom pom doesn't come with a string attached you'll also need some embroidery thread.

how to make your own pom pom handbag charm - what you need -

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Step 1. Attach the pom pom to keyring

If the pom pom has a thread attached, great, otherwise just sew some embroidery thread into it - it needs to be double the length you want the strap to be.

From there, thread it through the keyring and knot both next to the ring and next to the pom pom.

How to make your own pom pom handbag charm - step 1 knot to keyring -

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Step 2. Measure and add ribbon

Measure your ribbon to slightly longer than the thread or strap - it needs to be folded over at the ends to prevent fraying.

Sewing through the knot in the thread, attach it to the ribbon.

Then sew a line of stitching under the ring securing the ribbon in place.

How to make your own pom pom handbag charm - adding the ribbon -

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Step 3. Stitching the sides

It's now time to sew along the edges. The thread will want to move so it can help to pin the ribbon to keep it in place.

When you get to the end closest to the pom pom, fold over the edges and sew down.

Make sure to add a few tacking stitches that attach the ribbon to the pom pom itself rather than just the ring. This will make it stronger and lie flat.

how to make your own pom pom handbag charm - sewing the edges -

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The finished article

Sew back along the opposite edge and finish as neatly as possible.

Add it to any handbag or clutch bag for an instant update.

how to make your own pom pom handbag charm - final product -

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