DIY Fashion Fix: How to make a flower print slogan sweatshirt

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Spring has sprung and we're lusting after sports luxe sweatshirts with a new season vibe. Think Christopher Kane's flower sweat. Here are step by step instruction for how to make your own.

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Step-by-step: How to make a slogan sweatshirt

It's basically time to ditch the coat and in this new warmer weather (we're never wearing tights again) we're loving sweatshirts.

We couldn't top obsessing over Christopher Kane's slogan sweats with 'FLOWER' written across them.

So, we've given the look a bash and the result is about as feel good as a fresh manicure.

What you'll need

Find a cheap plain sweatshirt from any high street store or supermarket.

You'll also need bondaweb, a small piece of floral fabric (no bigger than an A4 piece of paper), scissors and an iron.

Finally, you need to print out your desired word onto A4.

DIY Fashion Fix - how to make a slogan flower sweatshirt - what you need -

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Step 1. Cut the letters out

Be careful to cut the letters out neatly as they will form your stencil.

It is slightly long winded but it gives you more control over the size and font you choose.

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Step 2. Trace letters onto bondaweb

Tracing time!

Make sure to trace the letters backwards and onto the paper side of the bondaweb.

If you've cut the letters out, this is easy - just make sure they're white side up.

DIY Fashion fix - how to make your own slogan flower sweatshirt - trace letters onto bondaweb - step 2-

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Step 3. iron bondaweb onto fabric and cut

Time to iron the bondaweb to the WRONG side of the fabric.

Once this is fixed, cut around each letter.

DIY FAshion Fix - how to make your own slogan flower sweatshirt - iron onto fabric -

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Step 4. Peel backing and iron onto sweatshirt

Peeling the backing paper off can be tricky and you have to make sure you're not taking the glue off too.

A trick is to try to rip the paper near one of the corners of the letter, that can help to separate the layers.

Carefully arrange the letters where you want them and iron.

DIY Fashion fix - how to make you own slogan sweatshirt -lay out fabric letters to iron -

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Finished article

When the letters are fixed to the sweat you have a choice depending on your sewing ability.

You should really stitch the letters down as the glue won't be strong enough on it's own.

You can hand sew, machine straight stitch or machine embroider the edges depending on your skill level and aesthetic preference.

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