How to buy lingerie according to Giles Deacon

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Giles Deacon share his tips for how to buy the best lingerie for your body shape.

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Buying lingerie is about as pleasant as buying bikinis. You buy something quick to get it over with, thinking it looks ok and then you realise it's about as sexy as sandals with socks.

Lucky for us, Giles Deacon, fresh from launching his lingerie collection for Ann Summers, shares his shopping tips to make sure you end up with the best lingerie for your body shape.

Try it on

Seems quite obvious, but you'd be surprised at the number of women who don't bother trying on lingerie before buying and then have to end up returning it.

Get the right size

Another common mistake is buying a bra in the wrong size (apparently 80% of us are guilty of this).

"Go somewhere that's very knowledgeable and can help you with the correct size. A lot of women try things on and think 'I don't like it, it's not very comfortable', but that's probably because they don't have the right cup size and I think that's really important" Giles says.

Take your time

Don't just pop in at lunch. Think of buying lingerie as if buying a handbag, it's an investment. Play your cards right and it'll last you ages.

Giles says: "It's like everything. Everyone leads such phenomenally busy lives and the thing to do, even if it's something simple like getting a nice pair of pants, is to take some time and have a good shop around to see what suits you rather than just grab and go."

Get something comfortable

Tight corsets might sound sexy, but if you're not comfortable, there's just no point. Giles confirms: "The underpinnings of what you wear can make you feel great for the day, if you're comfortable and feeling great."

Wear it right

Less is definitely more where Giles is concerned, so best to keep your pants in your, er, pants: "I think a slight illusion sometimes accidentally can be nice, but just as a statement, no."

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