DIY Fashion Fix: How to make a feather clutch bag

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Can you think of a better festival bag than a handmade feather clutch? Thought not.

DIY fashion fix feather clutch bag - final - shopping bag - handbag


Let's face it, festivals like Glastonbury or Coachella aren't about the music (well, maybe a little). They're all about the fashion.

Whether you're going for a boho look or the 90s trend, you simply can't go wrong with a feather bag. Even better if you can make it yourself.

What you'll need
DIY fashion fix feather clutch bag - what you need - shopping bag - handbag


If you're easily put off a DIY project because of the massive list of things you need, you'll love this.

All you need are an old clutch bag (or fabric tote if you prefer), feather, scissors and fabric glue - all available from Hobbycraft.

Step 1. Cutting the feathers
DIY fashion fix feather clutch bag - step 1 - shopping bag - handbag


Lay a few feathers onto the bag to make sure they're roughly the right length, then cut off the quills.

Step 2. Arranging the feathers
DIY fashion fix feather clutch bag - step 2 - shopping bag - handbag


Arrange the feathers along the length of the bag, alternating colours and size.

Don't worry if some feathers are a bit long and stick out, the less perfect the better.

Step 3. Gluing the feathers
DIY fashion fix feather clutch bag - step 3 - shopping bag - handbag


Once you're happy with the arrangement, start gluing the feathers, using the quill a spare feather as a tool.

Apply the glue to both the surface of the bag and the feather you're gluing.

Feathers are bendy and don't stick very well, so once you're done, put something heavy, such as a dictionary, on top of the bag and leave overnight to make sure it sticks.

And voila! Less than 30 minutes later you'll have yourself a feather clutch bag other festival goers will be mega jealous of.

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