Phoebe Lettice moves on from Made In Chelsea with Illustated People Collection

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EXCLUSIVE! We sat down with Phoebe Lettice to talk about her new collection for Illustrated People. From concept to design to photography, this girl's a lot more than a Made In Chelsea graduate.

PHOEBE X Illustrated People campaign shots - look book -
We spoke to ex Made In Chelsea cast member Phoebe Lettice-Thompson about her latest project, a collection for Illustrated People and were rather impressed.

Not wanting to be defined by her stint in the show, Phoebe has worked hard to maintain her actual career, in fashion.

And with her waxing lyrical about her collection before we'd even asked a question, it was clear this is a passion as well as a job.

The Inspiration

"I think it routes back to when I was 10 or 11 and No Doubt was happening and I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani and teamed up with those Harajuku girls and started L.A.M.B. and I just thought THIS is the coolest thing in the world.

There was nothing like that. At my age I knew nothing about Japan. My friend when on holiday there and I thought that was weird, you know, they had robots…

It was so different and I became obsessed with it.

Before they'd offered me to design a collection I already knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Originally, I just wanted to make matching hip hop shorts and t-shirts for girls!"

PHOEBE Lettice - illustrated People - eyes roll deep t-shirt -

The Process

"We managed to create the prints by importing loads of things; toys, sweets, candy, everything from Japan and I just walked around Soho and went to the Japan centre and just threw myself into it.

Then I started photographing things on a green screen. Cut it out on photoshop.

What we started out with at the beginning is so different to what we've ended up with. We just found that things worked.

[One logo] means 'Sketched People' but it's the best translation you'll get of Illustrated People and that's 'Phoebe'."

The Phoebe Lettice X Illustrated People girl

"I think it's for everybody, but definitely someone that has fun with fashion.

It's really not a serious collection, it's about having fun and experimenting.

I dress so differently everyday. One day I want to be all chic like I still work at Tatler, then one day I want to look like a tramp and today I wanted to wear pink.

Some days when I'm working in the week and I cannot be fucked to see anyone - ripped jeans and a boys jumper.

Everyday is a different feeling and hopefully that comes across."

kawaii white tshirt - phoebe lettice for illustrated people - collection - interview - favourite piece -

Phoebe's favourite piece

Phoebe Lettice: The Hard Worker

"I've been a photographer for years, and I wanted to be a stylist as well and then being a fashion assistant took off

I was test shooting on the side but not really focusing and not really improving."

But recently she's been working more as a professional photographer, with images appearing on The Huffington Post.

With the collection,"I saw the shoot before I designed the clothes.

I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a girl gang, a fun tight knit group that look like they could beat the shit out of you.

She doesn't like to "dilute' herself with a job title.

"I think it's a bit naff when people who've half done something claim to be that. I'm a 'creative controlling director'."

Style Rules

"Whatever you feel like.

One rule is always dress for your shape.

There's no point buying something if it doesn't look good on you."

And her style icons? "Debbie Harry, Gwen Stefani (obvs)...oh and I love MIA."

PHOEBE Lettice X Illustrated People  - LOOK BOOK_ campaign shot -

The collection is available online on 26th May, prices start from £35.



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