BAG LOVE: Alexander McQueen Unicorn skull embroidered satin box clutch

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The signature skull clutch gets girly with unicorns, satin and floral embroidery...

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Unicorn Skull embroidered satin box clutch £1,435
Nothing sums up the fierce fashion ethos of Alexander McQueen quite like a classic Skull clutch. A thing of beauty yet dangerously dramatic, ooh how we love the glamour of it all!

But as the main line has embraced delicate femininity more and more under the creative hand of Sarah Burton, so have the ornate design of the much-loved box bags.

The most gorgeously girly of them all being the fabulous Unicorn Skull clutch.

While embroidered satin and an exotic floral motif in clashing colours invite bold feminine vibes, the black background and clashing unicorns astride a jewelled skull on the knuckle duster keep things deliciously dark and mysterious.

Would McQueen approve? Oh yes, we surely think so!
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