Kate Moss to tell all?

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Kate Moss has signed a deal for a tell-all autobiography with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Books, according to reports

Kate Moss to tell all?
What is it about a billionaire Knight of a certain age that Kate Moss can't resist? First Sir Philip Green succeeded where everyone else failed and enticed her to front a collection for Topshop and now, if rumours are to be believed, Sir Richard Branson has convinced Kate to spill the beans on her fabulous life for a tell all autobiography.

According to the Daily Telegraph the deal (which was originally agreed back in 2006 but stalled due to Kate's cocaine scandal), could see Kate lift the lid on the intimate details of her alleged drug abuse, her break-up from Pete Doherty and recent allegations linking her with Eve Berlin from American band Living Things last year while apart from current boyfriend Jamie Hince. However, despite Sir Richard Branson telling the Telegraph, "It's going to make an exciting read." Virgin Books who are said to be publishing the memoir have denied any knowledge of its existence, only commenting, "This story is an old one which has been pulled up, at this stage there is nothing in the schedule."

While it seems highly unlikely that Kate would suddenly choose to dish the dirt on all the juicy details of her life, there's no doubt Sir Richard would be first in line for the exclusive. The two have been friends for 20 years when Kate signed to Storm Models which Branson co-owns. Let's hope he has worked his legendary charm on the supermodel, when/if the book finally hits bookshops it's guaranteed to be a major page-turner.
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