You should know about... Oxfam's festival fun

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Customise your own Fair Deal T-shirt like the fashion team

You should know about... Oxfam's festival fun
If you're hitting the festival scene this summer, be sure to look out for one of the Oxfam Festival Shops where you can show your support for their Fair Deal climate change campaign (a global movement to ensure those in poverty are treated fairly in the face of climate change) by customising your own Fair Deal T-shirt to show off in the crowds.

Oxfam will supply the Fair Deal stencils, paints and haberdashery bits 'n' bobs, so you can get busy discovering your inner fashion designer. Then get your picture taken in your design and post it on to Facebook live from the festival.

To get the ball rolling, we have done our very own design using the Fair Deal stencil, which you can see here. Think you can do any better?

Alongside all the customising fun, the Oxfam Festival Shops will be packed to the rafters with fun festival gear for every taste - from wedding dresses, ponchos, hats and suits, to complete hippy, disco and punk rock outfits. Plus, they'll be well stocked with all the festival essentials to survive the British weather, from knitted blankets, sleeping bags, warm coats, raincoats and wellies to sun hats, sunglasses and sundresses. Over the past 16 years Oxfam has raised £650,000 though these festival shops, so this is genuinely guilt-free shopping. What's not to like?

You don't even need to wait until you get to the festival, as Oxfam's online store has thousands of vintage and second-hand items selected to create unique festival looks. Not only that, but Oxfam has a wide selection of camping gear and gadgets, from stylish patterned tents and chairs to wind-up lanterns.

Visit for more information.

This year the Oxfam Festival Shop is at the following festivals:

T in the Park - 9 to 11 July

Latitude - 14 to 19 July

Womad - 21 to 26 July

Big Chill - 4 to 9 August

Reading and Leeds - 25 to 30 August

Bestival - 8 to 13 September
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