Coast offers new speedy 90 minute delivery!

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If you've ever had a last minute fashion emergency, you're going to love our latest find.

Have you ever turned up at a party to find someone else is wearing your dress? Or been invited to something last minute with nothing to wear? If the answer is yes (and we suspect it is!) then listen up, because we've heard about a brand new service that you'll love!

Coast, the go-to destination for occasion-wear, is offering a brand new speedy delivery that we're sure will be something of a life-saver. Simply browse their website, purchase the necessary items, and for £9.99 your shopping will arrive within 90 minutes. Then you can sit back and paint your nails in preparation for your night out; safe in the knowledge that you'll soon have something fabulous and new to wear.

Similarly, if you find yourself in that terrible 'she's wearing my dress' situation, you can get a replacement outfit delivered to you asap. So there's no excuse for any wardrobe dilemmas any time soon ladies! Mary Portas' shop: The Handbag Review

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