5 ways to spot a fake handbag online

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Think you could spot a fake handbag while shopping around online? Here's how to...

How to spot a fake handbag - handbag.com

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The Cambridge Satchel Company is just one of the hundreds of handbag brands having to up security measures, to protect customers from buying fakes and copies of their bags online.

While many of us might be able to spot a fake in real life, it can be tricky to tell while looking around for a great deal on the internet.

To be a master at spotting a fake handbag, we caught up with online brand protection specialists MarkMonitor, who are currently working with Cambridge Satchel Company.

"We don't pretend to be fashion experts, but can offer top tips for safe internet shopping to help handbag hunters bag a bargain," says vice president Charlie Abrahams.

"The growth and anonymity of the internet makes it easy for companies to sell fakes, and nearly 7% of worldwide merchandise bought online is counterfeit!"

Find out the handbag recommended retail price

Shop around and research the handbag's recommended retail price (RRP). If it's less than 50% of the RRP, there is a high possibility that the goods will be fake.

Look for a privacy and returns policy when buying handbags

Genuine sites will have a detailed privacy policy which explains how your personal details are used. Also, check out the returns policy. A bona fide seller should provide an option of how to cancel and where to return goods.

Look for spelling mistakes on the shop website

Look out for spelling mistakes on both the website and the URL address as many counterfeiters use branded terms in domain names. The likelihood of being able to buy a classic Cambridge Satchel from Sattchel.com is slim.

Know the trader's full address

If the website you're buying from is based outside the UK, make sure you know the trader's full address. Look at the country you're buying from and exercise caution. For example, 89% of seized counterfeit products originate in China.

Use your head when shopping online

Finally, it may sound obvious but use your common sense. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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