POLL: Love or Hate Natalie Portman's Dior skirt?

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Natalie Portman rocked a stunning Dior skirt at last night's premiere for Thor but is she too small to pull it off?

Natalie Portman is undeniably beautiful. She is also undeniably small.

She and co-star Chris Hemsworth even joked about her standing on a box while they filmed kissing scenes in Thor.

So we can't help but wonder about her choice of full, Dior maxi skirt at last night's premiere for the movie.

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It's a beautiful skirt and the simple black top and make-up keep things classy.

But generally it's a safe rule of thumb to say, very short girls should steer clear of very long skirts as they make them look shorter.

Does this still matter or are rules on dressing for your body shape not something you worry about?

Is Natalie Portman too short for her Dior skirt?
Yes, she looks like a munchkin31.82%
No, it's beautiful and so is she40.91%
It does make her look tiny but it still looks great27.27%

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