Handbag on trial: Fiorelli's silver Juliet clutch bag

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One clutch bag for the whole party season. Can it be done? We investigate...

fiorelli silver Juliet clutch bag - party clutch bag - handbag.com
Reckon you could survive the whole Christmas party season with just one clutch bag? Our fashion & beauty Amy Lewis put it the test with Fiorelli's new silver Juliet 25th Anniversary clutch, £49.

The Plan

The seemingly endless party circuit is often where even the best laid 'Christmas on a budget' plans come undone.

So, my plan this year? To revamp existing dresses where possible, with classic accessories that I can mix and match with anything. That's where the Fiorelli clutch came in.

Silver supposedly goes with everything, and the shape is clean and understated. So can I take it to any party wearing any outfit?

fiorelli clutch bag - handbag on trial - party clutch bag - handbag.com

Fashion & Beauty Editor Amy's pre-party dress rehearsals

Test 1: Office Party

I'm revamping some Topshop bodycon for this, hoping that nobody else has the exact same plan or if they do, that they didn't also go for navy blue. We're going for a few cocktails and dinner at a Tapas restaurant (not particularly festive, but hey, we've got plenty of Christmas spirit to make up for it), so I want to look smart without being overdressed. The Juliet clutch works. It's a safe shade and the shape isn't too statement.

Test 2: The LBD Outing

For a friends' festive black tie bash, which is actually just an excuse to throw a party but hey, I'm down with that, I'll be recycling an old French Connection LBD. I need my accessories to pep it up while keeping things classy. Again, the Juliet clutch works. Phew! There's also plenty of room for lipstick, eyeliner, blush, powder brush, phone, keys, money...

Test 3: Smart Casual

Christmas get-together with the girls, and it's a jeans and heels situation. My accessories need to work hard however, as I'm in real need of 'sprucing'. I'm planning to wear bright red shoes, but will the silver bag work?

Fear not folks, though the Juliet's simple design isn't about screaming for attention, it sure is effective. I've also managed to squeeze a scarf in there for the journey home!

Christmas nailed with just one clutch bag? I'm saying yes.

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