5 best travel apps for a stress free holiday

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Going on a vacay soon? Check out these 5 travel apps that ensure your trip is even more epic.

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Looking forward to going on an adventure abroad this year? Make sure you're in the know with the best travel apps to make your trip that bit easier.

We've a low down of 5 of the best.


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There are travel guide apps in existence but none are as helpful as Triposo, designed by two ex-Googlers who have access to details on around 8,000 destinations.

You can get lost in those narrow streets in the knowledge that you have the technology to guide you back safely to your hotel when the time comes.

Used offline, it has features such as a currency converter, phrase book and active suggestions for exploring your destination, dependent on the day, weather and times.

Lowdown: Free for iPhone, iPad and Android.


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Whether your journey is for a few days or months long, keeping track of trip itinerary is a bit of a drag.

Email your flight, hotel, or any other travel related info to TripIt and the app will organise it all for you. So long tattered folder and endless sheets of A4 dog-eared at the bottom of your carry-on.

Lowdown: Free for iPhone and iPad

XE Currency

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XE Currency is still the ultimate financial companion for travellers.

The app gets live currency rates and includes a calculator so you know exactly how much that 20 pesos taxi ride is actually costing you or what sort of exchange deal you're getting at the bank.

Lowdown: Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

TripAdvisor offline city guides

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Most of us rely on the marvel that is TripAdvisor for reviews on hotels and destinations.

Now they have a city guide for your phone, providing lists of restaurants, hotels, sights, shops, and things to do, culled from their limitless amount of reviews.

Your routes are plotted on a map and as you saunter, you'll get a little description of each sight.

And if you don't have roaming on your phone, you can still use the service offline so you'll never get lost again.

Lowdown: Free for Android and iPhone.

Bing Translator

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The Bing translator app translates menus, signage and general stuff you don't understand, as long as you download the free language pack for the country you're travelling in.

If you take a snap of the text with your phone, the app will translate it.

Plug in phrases via voice or text, although the translation from text to speech requires that crucial Internet connection.

Lowdown: Free but only available on Windows Phone

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