10 things the summer weather made you realise

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Hello beer gardens and a love of sunglasses, bye bye nights in eating pie and mash. Spring is here.

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Winter hibernation is over, it is time to embrace all that is good about the warm weather.

Here's 10 things we'd forgotten about Spring while in our winter troll phase...

That cider tastes amazing

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Been sitting in the pub pipes for 6 months, but one whiff on hot weather and cider is all we want to drink.

You have pasty skin

Kelly Osbourne reveals painful sunburn

© Twitter / Kelly Osbourne

Burnt did you? Winter made us forget our lily white skin can't cope with direct sunlight. Wear suncrean.

Napping outdoors isn't weird in summer

American holiday Cowboy ranch

Taking a quick siesta in the park or on the beach during the day makes you a sun worshiper - doing it in winter makes you homeless.

Painting your toe nails is fun

jessie j - red nails - makeup at the gym - nike yoga shoes - handbag.com

© Instagram / Jessie J

If the cloven hooves you refer to as feet haven't seen daylight since last September last year - you properly did a hasty at home pedicure this weekend. 10 more ways to experiment with nail art just came up.

You were having a relationship with your laptop

Woman working on her laptop - Top 5 CV writing tips to get the job you want - life skills - handbag.com

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Dark evenings and rainy weekends meant hours watching Game of Thrones, creating your dream library/office on Pinterest and early nights. Now is the time to embrace the outdoors.

Gravy isn't a food group

mash potato and gravy

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The warm weather has us reaching for fresh fish, salads, pasta and crisp white wines. Be gone with you cottage pie!

That your sunglasses have gone walkabout

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears white sunglasses

© Instagram / Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Five pairs of glasses all miraculously walked off into hiding over winter, and now your eyes feel naked and exposed.

Time to go shades shopping.

That it may be time to lift some weights

woman holding 5kg weight - handbag.com

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T-shirt weather revealed upper arms with a structure akin to jelly. Something we have been able to ignore in jumper season. Let the bingo wing battle commence for another year.

Your makeup bag needs an overhaul

Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green

© Millie Mackintosh Instagram

Faced with warm weather, your stump of a kohl pencil and dark berry lip are inappropriate. How do we do fresh faced and beachy again?

You've missed your mates

Vintage women sitting by pool

If winter has made your social life hibernate (well its been bloody freezing, who wants to go out in that?) spring brings with it pub gardens, picnics and weekend away planning.

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